Bought some wings from the free-range chicken guy at the West Shore market today, and made a dozen for dinner. (Editor’s note: back when I was driving to Erie to crew on Jude’s sloop, I’d buy 3 dozen Kokomo hot wings for the trip. Not enough.)

Now at home, I have to negotiate both Dee’s WW addiction and her aversion to really hot stuff … so I roasted the wings and made several sets for dinner: Unhot, Sorta Hot and Hot. I don’t go to Suicide Wings myself, so why make them?

Roasting does not get the crispness of deep-frying, but it does avoid the WW perception of overly fatty/greasy food. Although next time I might sear the little guys first, then roast, for crispy.

No matter what you see elsewhere, Buffalo Wing Sauce is just butter and hot sauce. I made one sauce 2-1 and the other 1-1 (pour moi). Sauce does not adhere to the roasted chix as well as it does to the deep-fried, if you’re trying this at home.

Dee liked the 2-1 but mostly ate the Unhot Wings. In all, probably 4oz chix.

I ate the hotter sauce first, then the Less Hot. Liked the hot. On the side, green salad with mustard vinaigrette. Nice dinner.