Snow day!

It’s a lovely cold rainy freezing nasty experience out there, so we are snuggled by the woodstove with a Sunday morning snack, having declared a snow day.

The cheese is a creamy Irish cheddar forced upon us by an aggressive foodworker at Wegman’s yesterday … I think he said something like, “Try some?” It is expansive, mouth-filling, not sharp like an English cheddar, more tangy. Tangy enough to compare to a soft bleu like Gorgonzola.

The flatbread we found at the West Shore Farmers’ Market.  I really mean found. We’ve been looking for it or something like it since Giant dumped pretty much every cracker but Cheez-Its.

And, okay, Snow Day from what? The park. See disconsolate dog below.

Well, maybe a Snow Halfday. We’ll go this afternoon.


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