Potato Galettes

We have a final practical coming up with five possible ingredient baskets — russets are in two of them.  Spending an hour on potatoes doesn’t seem prudent when there’s soup to make and veg and protein and a sauce. So I’ve been trying to find something else to do with russet potatoes besides baked, mashed, twice-baked and multi-messy-buttery-sourcream baked.

I was standing in the kitchen chopping to the muted strains of Grey’s Anatomy on Fridge TV when I turned and noticed a skinny little cookbook on the shelf. It’s one of those gift-shop books remaindered by Barnes & Noble, “Bistro” by Chef Gerald Hirigoyen. I pulled it down and opened to a page of Potato Galettes with Goat Cheese. HFS, they looked good!

The next night I dug out the deep-fryer that Dee got me for Christmas last year.

These are simple to make, pretty and tasty, especially since I subbed in crushed hazelnuts for the bread crumbs. Ready?

Scrub a russet potato and slice off the ends. Cut sections about a half-inch thick. With a pastry circle cutter or a large apple corer, make a hole in the center of each section. Fry off the sections in 300-degree oil, for about five minutes.

Pull the potatoes, place on paper towels and wipe top with a paper towel. When they cool enough to work with, stuff goat cheese into the holes and top with crushed walnuts or hazelnuts. Place in small roasting pan and chill for about half-hour.

Warm in a 350 oven for about 10 minutes.

Wish I had a picture, but I didn’t take one. This is from the book:


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