ODing, but in a good way

Because it contains the Minimalist God, I tend to overdose on the NYT food section. Sometimes it pays off, as with this plating adventure:


“… the star of the night was the kale with the fried egg on the toast. Siobhan and I had worked together on plating that one, since I’d run out of counter space. I held the bowl with the toast in midair while she scooped on the boiled kale and the placed the fried egg on top. I then used a ladle to spoon the chicken broth that the kale had cooked in over the whole thing. The result: a piece of toast soaked in broth and rich egg yolk, with the flavorful, almost chewy kale there as a textural balance. I put in too many red pepper flakes and it was still pretty sublime.”

That’s not Bittman, though, it’s Emily Weinstein, learning to cook. (Fried egg kale photo from Orangette.)


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