Eggplant Tartine

Eggplant Tartine

A week or so ago Sous Chef told me to come up with a fondue and two new apps every day. So I did and sous chef said “Good. Give me 75 pieces by five o’clock.”

HFS. He dished the fondue, but the apps were all mine. Three hours to make black bean torte miniatures and little baguettes stuffed with shredded corned beef and cheddar. HFS. The beans were stone dry and i had to do them in the steamer. And instead of corn tortillas we had a metric ton of empenadas, which are somewhere between puff pastry and flatbread. Interesting.

As for the corned beef, nada. We had flatiron steaks left over from lunch. I shredded the shit out of them on the Hobart and mixed that with horseradish. it worked.

Since then, I’ve done fish croquettes, mushroom caps stuffed with bacon and spinach, quesadillas, smoked catfish tacos and beaucoup other apps — and — the best so far, eggplant tartines: Open-face baguettes smothered in hummus covered with a grilled eggplant, sun-dried tomato and frisee mix tossed with oli and sherry vinegar, then topped with bleu cheese. I cut them in one-inch pieces. Spec-freaking-tacular. Everyone who tasted it loved it, and it looked good.


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