Heidi’s shrimp stock is bubbling gently on the burner, Dee is icing her swollen ankle and I am sitting on the deck watching Hurricane Ike’s rising surf roll in. We’re out of the storm but feeling the edge  of its power on Orange Beach, AL. Been here long enough to be comfortable.

We’re at a beach house with a group that would take way too long to explain. My shorthand is My Wife’s Army Reunion. Actually it is a bunch of GIs and their spouses who served in Bad Aibling, Germany, with ASA during Vietnam. Sorta spooks. Every year they have a reunion somewhere in the U.S. and we’ve been a lot of places we wouldn’t otherwise have gone to. Alabama, for example.

The guys to either side in the photo above are on the right wing of this mostly middle-to-left group, but even in this election year, the politics pales beside the food and booze and field trips.

Yesterday we went to New Orleans for alligator and rabbit liver at Cochon, in the warehouse district … then we headed to the Quarter for cafe au lait and beignets at Cafe Du Monde. When we got there, a trombone, tub and drum trio had set up on the sidewalk. I called my friend Garry at the P-N so he could listen in. He may not have been happy about that.


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