Goodbbye, ODG

Today I said goodbye to Patio Grill. We’re on vacation to hurricane country — Gulf Shores, Louisiana, Pensacola — and when I get back I think I’ll be working with the sous chef on, among other things, the winter menu for The Sheaf. Mebbe. People ask you what you want to do and you tell them and in my experience it gets bent, always. So, no expectations. But a real good mebbe.

Chef Joe asked me how my summer had been with the Outdoor Grill, and I could only say great. I struggled early with the amount of daily prep … four hard, strong hours of prep, a half hour of setup, 2.5 hours of service and a half hour of break down. Like, get through the prep and then it’s the hard part. But I learned a lot of skills in prep. I brought my time for doing both the tomato salsa and roasted corn salsa from 90 minutes to 30 minutes. And i learned to multi-task, which is really foreign to me. I can focus like a son of a bitch, I can keep my eye on the ball and crush whatever is in my way … but now, I can do three things things at once without getting wacky.

That helped me with service. Like getting five tickets and seeing what takes the longest, what comes next and what i can do while the duck and the tuna and the salmon are cooking. That’s part of it. The other part of it is grasping that it doesn’t matter how many tickets are coming in if you screw up what you are cooking and plating right now … this dish right here right now. That really helped me, staying in the moment and being present with every plate. Sorry, it’s the zen thing. It is majorly useful.

So I have not blogged because I didn’t want to analyse what i was doing. Maybe I will now. I miss Bilal, I miss the French girls, I will miss Sonya the Expediter and Matthew the Smug. It was a good summer.


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