End of summer

Months ago when I started on Outdoor Grill, Chef Joe told me this should be like cooking at the beach — easy food, happy outcomes. And sort of it has been, not so easy but doable 4 <> food, generally happy.

Like beach food, it is seasonal. This week, my friend Bilal is leaving to be sous chef at Spice … a place down the street that does food revenue equal to booze revenue, about $4,000 on a weeknight, more on the weekend. Our servers are going. Kisha is gone, the two French girls are going home, Eric is history. Mr. Brown, the manager for Sheaf and ODG, is going for surgery this coming week. Bilal is trying to lure Natalie to Spice, where hot-looking servers take in $1,500 a night in tips. No, really. In this little town.

Like The Fantasticks, it’s just about September.


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