Kitchen mantra

My friend Fishlock has a parody nailed to the wall of her P-N cubicle. It’s a parody of my favorite Zen poem, Desiderata, original written by Max Ehrmann.

Among other things, it talks about the value of work. As it happens, I’ve done a lot of different work. News, yeah, newspapers and TV, reporter, editor. And ice cream freezer stocker, iron pourer, re-bar wrapper, Santa Claus, real estate sales and appraisal, dishwasher, ditch digger, retail sales clerk, road construction. To me, work is valuable beyond the paycheck factor. Whatever your afterlife persuasion, work is the prime factor of this life.

Working in the kitchen now, I’ve built a mantra. It is:

All pans are hot, all knives are sharp. Clutter kills. Do not hurry, work fast. Work the tickets. No worries, Chef. Bring it on.

This is not a mantra of success or easy living. It’s a work thing, something I choose and am happy to do.


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