Brave New Worldly

If you like restaurants and the web, here’s something possibly interesting.

Writing in the NYT food blog Diner’s Journal, Frank Bruni notices a nice, good, wacky but modest restaurant near the Holland Tunnel making it onto the Open Table Best Overall list for restaurants in the city. (Also a useful list if you’re going there soon.)

“Is this somehow another sign of how Internet-savvy the restaurant’s chef and owner, Didier Pawlicki, is?

“As I noted in my review, he personally replies to almost each and every diner comment about the restaurant on the Citysearch web site, either thanking happy diners or reasoning with unhappy ones.

“Has Mr. Pawlicki or someone in his corner gamed Open Table? Or have his aggressive Internet ways spawned an especially Internet-oriented, Internet-activist clientele?”

Wow. Restaurateurs and customers talking? Civilly? About food? To me, this is cool and opens up many possibilities for places like Harrisburg, where you have a lot of Second Street restaurants putting all their effort into alcohol and some (Spice, for instance) that keep good food in the mix. Would it be great if Donny Brown (Firehouse, Fisaga, Dorado) bothered to comment on why your 4-top liked/didn’t like the service or the meal?

It could be just me, but maybe there are interesting conversations coming.


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