New tomatoes

Tonight I’m making marinara sauce for tomorrow with a great collection of tomatoes from our porch. We pulled two Black Prince, beauteous red-brown medium-size tomatoes; two incredibly juicy Yellow Perfections, an English heirloom cherry tomato; and two very very red Sugar Lumps, a German heirloom whose fruits hang like grapes, in clusters.

And I’m making sauce why?

Because we didn’t really look closely at our plants on Saturday and bought tomatoes at the market, big beautiful honkin’ Beefsteaks. So I don’t want to lose the product of our minimal effort, and I need to use up the squash we have oodles of and the zucchini the Davisons gave us from their farm. Hence it’s pasta primavera on Monday.

Mark Bittman has a short rant about the flavorlessness of even (gasp) grape tomatoes at the grocery, a new low, which ties nicely into my (actually my wife’s) prudent purchase of heirloom tomato plants from QVC. Yeah, I get the irony. But I’m the guy who ate at McDonald’s on our first night in southern France. (Nothing else was open.)

One more things: a book called Get Saucy by Grace Parisi. For me, James Peterson’s Sauces is the book, but Parisi gets there in a more accessible style. I’m using her marinara recipe, and her tandoori marinade for the tuna tonight. Practical, knowledgeable, good writing. Plus on Amazon it’s $12, not $49.


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