Pastured beef

We got a happy surprise at the Carlisle Market on Saturday. Jonas Stoltzfus of Jujo Acres Beef Farm had set up next to Sandy Miller of Painted Hand Farm and the Fishers of Otterbein Acres Farm.

So within ten steps there was all the free-range grass-fed organic beef, lamb, pigs, goats and chickens — and eggs — imaginable.

I asked Jonas if he was going to be at Carlisle regularly; he said he was thinking about it. Then he gave us some of his wife’s beef vegetable soup and we talked about their beef. They raise heirloom Limousin cattle at the northern end of Perry County, up past Loysville, and distribute it at dropoff points in the Harrisburg area.

Christian Ruzich emailed me a month ago about their beef and he said he also gets eggs from them.

You can ask for a price list from the Stoltzfuses here.


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