Farm restaurants and brewpubs

This was a comment by Pubcrawler that I thought I’d steal:

In response to the Good Life Cafe being “the one and only local farm restaurant” and, “It may be the only one in Pennsylvania,” let me tell you about Elk Creek Cafe + Aleworks in Millheim, PA and Emma’s Food for Life in Selinsgrove, PA.

I really love the Good Life, and when I first visited, it reminded me so much of a “Happy Valley” brewpub with the same focus. At Elk Creek, award-winning brewer Tim Yarrington is brewing fresh, local beer (although I doubt the ingredients are all local), the decor highlights local artists, they invite local musicians to perform, the bar stools were created by local artisans, but most importantly, Elk Creek Cafe + Aleworks is supporting sustainable small local farms and businesses.

Two of the suppliers are Tait Farm Foods and Gemelli Bakery (in State College). Meat and fish come from many sources, one of which is Over the Moon Farm; I’m pretty certain they use Cow-a-Hen Farm in Mifflinburg and the Elk Creek Fish Hatchery. And I’m sure the cheese is local – I just don’t know where it comes from.

Apparently Elk Creek is so dedicated to the environment that they’ve installed waterless urinals (I wouldn’t know for a fact – I just read about it.)

In terms of brewepubs, three others to check out that also focus HEAVILY on local and/or organic foods are Selin’s Grove Brewing Company (Selinsgrove), Bullfrog Brewery (Williamsport) and Otto’s Brewpub (State College.)

In Selinsgrove, Emma’s Food for Life features Whitefrost Farms (Washingtonville) and other community supported agriculture.

The Harrisburg area could certainly use more restaurants focusing on fresh, local ingredients. The BLUE Bistro & Wine Bar stated in a recent newsletter that, under chef Pippa Calland, it is leaning that way; “We are interested in bringing in fresh products from small producers. We are interested in sustainable products that not only support the environment but also support us as beings.”


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