Crimes against food

While we were sleeping, Big Food took over the table. Not just our table, most of the tables in the world. Through genetic manipulation, strong marketing and good lobbyists, six companies now control 98 percent of seed sales in the world. They have reduced the number of vegetables that are not corporate hybrids by 90 percent.

“The ultimate unnatural product of genetic engineering is a ‘terminator gene’ that causes a crop to commit genetic suicide after one generation …

just in case some maverick farmer might want to save seed from his expensive, patented crop, instead of purchasing it again from the company that makes it.”

That’s from Barbara Kingsolver’s new book “Animal, Vegetable, Miracle” which chronicles a year of her family’s adventure in eating locally … yeah, that Slow Food thing, that Heirloom Seed thing. She also has this website, with a lot of resources.

As the most corrupt state in the Northeast, Pennsylvania has taken a special stance in the genetic food manipulation battle. Ed Rendell’s Ag guy is trying to silence dairy farmers who don’t use antibiotics or growth hormone in their feed.


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