Opening a restaurant?

What’s the best place in Pennsylvania to open a restaurant?

That’s easy, State College. The relatively high percentage of income that goes to eating out in State College pushes its Restaurant Growth Index to 156, way over the national average.

“The RGI figure for each of the 363 metro areas provided here is calculated to a national average of 100,” says Tom Spencer of Claritas, “which means the higher the RGI over 100, the more opportunity there is. We worked out those numbers by looking at how much money people spend at restaurants as a percentage of their income; then we compared that to national averages.”

Right behind State College in the RGI ranking is …

Scranton/Wilkes-Barre, then Altoona and Erie lower down, then Harrisburg at a just-about-normal score of 99.

The Harrisburg-Carlisle-Lebanon metro area has a population of half a million, and last year we spent more than $822 million in restaurants.

Here’s a link to the intro, then follow the page links to U.S. regions.


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