“New York chef David Pasternack recently told me good service (S+) is basically ‘hello, goodbye, and thank you’ (HGTY). A simple principle but one that is often forgotten, or even, at trendy restaurants, willfully overlooked.”

That’s Sara Dickerman on the new Phoebe Damrosch book, “Service Included,” and she has a good and simple guide to judging service at almost any restaurant.
The link’s on the jump, and it’s a good piece, but let me take a moment here to say that as a customer, nothing makes me happier than someone who says “Thank you” when I pay the bill. I don’t care if it’s Mangia Qui or Simply Turkey, I don’t want Have A Nice Day or Good Weekend, or Here You Go or anything but Thank You. Probably it’s just me, but that works.


Here’s the review and the book.

And here is Amateur Gourmet’s review!


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