There are a couple things I do to keep trying new stuff — talking to foodies and welcoming the Leite’s Culinaria test recipes — but mostly it’s just reading other people’s food blogs.

Today I happened on a Polenta Worship post on Amateur Gourmet that pretty much decided my Saturday: polenta lasagna by Alice Waters.

So I’m stealing AG’s photo here …


and his description: if you want polenta for dinner, do as Alice Waters says to do in her new book “The Art of Simple Food.” Get a baking dish, layer in polenta, tomato sauce, fresh mozarella, and Parmesan and make a polenta lasagna. Bake in the oven til golden brown on top, like here except this didn’t get really gold.

Read the polenta post here and so you know, Wegman’s has actual (not instant) polenta.  Happy stirring.


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