Anna Nother


Does your memory stretch back to the turn of the century? Do you recall Harrisburg’s nascent yuppie social networking group, the Harrisburg Young Professionals, publicly panting for a certain chain coffeeshop?

“Oh, please please please Mr. Starbucks Man, please plunk down your magic espresso machine and our downtown will be cool, and attract more people like us — sophisticated!”

Fast forward to October 2007 and …

… the pretty much empty, cool and quiet Starbucks in its third week at Third and Market Streets. This is the real deal.

I’m not knocking the mini-Bucks at the Whitaker, or Java’s Brewin’ or Caffeine Connection, but I like the atmosphere and the consistency of the coffee at a full-blown Starbucks.

In my business, I’m always looking for places to do interviews and small meetings. The lobby of the Hilton is my favorite, but I can see Starbucks as a good alternative.

So I don’t want the entirety of southcentral Pennsylvania showing up there every afternoon. But please check it out … especially if you’re a certified Hbg yuppie, or muppie.


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