Duke’s? WTF?

Every once in a while, the Food & Drink forum on PennLive has an interesting post — but it’s not possible to link to a post there, so I just copied this by ree716 about Duke’s:

“They have gone way downhill in the last few months. Our waitress, Brandy, should have been working at BK. She was absolutely the worst waitress we have ever had. But let me start at the beginning – 4 people at the hostess station, waiting on one customer. I’m ok to wait a few minutes. The hostess brings us to a dirty table outside. She cleans it off. Our waitress arrives about 5 minutes later and gives us menus, takes our drink order. We don’t see our drinks, she doesn’t come back to take our order.

“I take my son to the bathroom, return, still no Brandy, no drinks, I return to the hostess to find our waitress. She finds the waitress who makes a face. About 5 minutes later she returns with drinks and takes our order. Still no silverware on the table. She brings our appetizers (chicken wings – which were good and meaty), still no silverware or plates to eat our wings. She comes with entrees, chicken quesadilla, steak, chicken fingers and spaghetti. We have to ask for silverware.

“The steak is way past its prime, it smells sour and tastes worse. She never comes back to check, we flag another waitress to go find our Brandy. It takes Brandy about 5 minutes to find her way back to our table. Brandy takes the steak away, and says she needs to talk to someone about it. She comes back 5 minutes later and says they are checking all the meat and does my husband want another steak? One bite of that steak was enough to make him lose his appetite and by then, we were way finished.

“My quesadilla was awful, no cheese, something cooked to death that might have been onions or peppers???, maybe 3 or 4 pieces of spinach, and very soggy. My son’s chicken fingers were overcooked and the fries were limp and soggy. My other son’s said the pasta was ok. It took at least 10 minutes for her to bring the dessert for the boys. It took almost 2 hours to have dinner at Dukes.”


2 thoughts on “Duke’s? WTF?

  1. I was there 2-3 weeks ago on a business lunch. We arrived after noon, and the place was hopping. Service was horrible, absolutely horrid. Our waitress actually bitched about another table while he was walking away, as they had committed the unpardonable sin of asking her to expedite their order. She disappeared on us several times, and the meal took far longer than necessary. The food was quality for us, but I’d never return when time is of the essence, similar to the Rock Bass down the street. Table service there is painfully slow as well. Seems like a couple restaurants scrimping on the service, and it’ll bite them in the end.

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