Goodbye, Skewers

It was great while it lasted, a sweet and quiet room with good food and excellent soup. At first, Middle Eastern food on Second Street was a novelty, but after Skewers opened two more kebab places came along quickly.

Now Javid Mohmand is headed in a different direction.

“Skewers is going to go away,” he told me yesterday.

Javid isn’t closing the place because of the competition — he just wants to do Indian food, even though he’s Afghan. So he’s going to shut down, remodel, hire two chefs and reopen as …

Javid’s Indian Grill, like the place he opened this summer in Carlisle.

“I just make a couple phone calls trying to get chefs out of New York.” His idea is to have one chef who does curries, and another to handle the tandoor and breads.  

“I love Indian food. There’s so much health benefit. There is a method to the madness, it’s not just a bunch of spices thrown together. In  India, constipation is virtually unheard of. They make fun of Americans for being constipated because they don’t eat spices.

“In India, they’ll never eat meat without ginger.”


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