Yes Yes, it’s No-No-Nonna’s!

Everyone from Jersey Mike to some dude called 717boy on PennLive is going off about the new Nonna’s in Midtown.

Here’s 717boy:

“Up to this point i never felt strongly enough about any place in particular to post about, but Nonna’s is a breath of fresh air not only in midtown …

 but in all of harrisburg……i’m unfamiliar with owners and i’m not sure if it was them working when i ate there today but the staff was extremely polite and kind…..the interior just gives off a strong sense of cleanliness, and the sandwich i had was terrific……my girlfriend was equally impressed.”

Here’s Jersey’s Mike’s interview with Nonna’s Deli owner Raymond Diaz and here’s Bone on Nonna’s sandwiches.

Sue Gleiter will weigh in Wednesday in the P-N, but you’ve gotta go to the PennLive Food and Drink Forum for the full monty.


3 thoughts on “Yes Yes, it’s No-No-Nonna’s!

  1. Seriously-

    I cannot say enough great things about this place.

    I’ve probably spent a hundred bucks there so far-

    Which is more that I can say I’ve spent at any other Harrisburg eatery in such a short period of time.

    Good people- good food- equals happy, loyal, devoted customers.

    Nonna’s seriously raised the bar for Harrisburg eateries.

  2. Love this place. Excellent sandwiches, small but nice selection of Italian meats, like soprasetta, cappicola, proscuitto. Pizza the way I like it, thin crust, but not crispy like a cracker. And Boylan soda: pure cane sugar, no HFCS. Did I mention the friendly staff? What’s not to like?

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