More Slower

Slow Food Harrisburg is snailing towards a January dinner at the Benjamin Olewine III Center for the Study of Culinary Arts. Artisanal cheese will be the secret ingredient.

The organizational meeting was unusually productive, which I put to the skills of Curtis Vreeland. No, really … I am not a fan of meetings. I sit through a lot of deadly meetings that never manage to meander to a decision. Curtis got people talking openly and to the point.

Plus this major coup: Sara Bozich is doing the PR!

We scaled back from four major dinners a year to three, probably January, May and October. The group went back and forth on price points, but decided (Doh!) to wait until we have a menu and wine to cost out.

Chef Jim Switzenberg and Chef Michael Finch are developing the menu, which will

focus on three local cheesemakers. No it won’t be Mac & Cheese starters … think Cheddary accents, or shad in a Morbier mood.

More as it happens.

(For more right now, see previous post … since my bloggeration level has been low for several weeks. I’m ramping up.)


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