Today’s menu

After this I’ll stop, I promise, but first have a look at the ultimate Bourdain anti-menu that my wife found in Radar magazine:

Mesquite-grilled Amish organic free-range chicken, served with Fijian mango chutney and accompanied by foraged mushrooms: It should never take longer to describe your dish than to eat it. Mango chutney was innovative when Bobby Flay did it in 1978. Foraged mushrooms? Amish chicken? Who gives a shit about who picked the mushrooms or if the people who raised the chicken wear bonnets?”

Yeah, it’s Bourdain again.
Here’s the whole thing


One thought on “Today’s menu

  1. Thanks for the laugh. Water sommelier? The height of pretension–almost as bad as the knife presentation at Barclay Prime in Philadelphia.

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