Staying sharp

Food Writer Sue Gleiter was talking to me about knives a while ago, and I suggested Forschner — recommended to me by someone fairly knowledgable, Chef Nate Keller’s mom. (Hi, Heidi.) Then last week at The Restaurant Store near Borders on the West Shore, I saw a whole section of Forschner knives.

If you’re buying knives, look at these.  

I have the Forschner 10-inch chef’s knife, a boning knife and a paring knife. They’re fairly cheap ($30 for the chef’s knife), easy to handle and they keep an edge. John Whitehead used to sharpen my knives with a Japanese waterstone, but that got old quickly because he’s got a lot of other things going on, so I (sheepishly) bought the Chef’s Choice 110 electric sharpener.

Sheepishly? Yeah, because so many people say electric sharpeners are crap and take too much metal off the knife.

But now comes Peter Hertzmann with “Knife Skills Illustrated”  to say “Not True!” In his intro to this incredibly detailed new book on how to cut every kind of vegetable, Hertzmann says the three-stone electric sharpener is the best way to keep an edge on.

Good book, good knives, good sharpener. Good-bye.



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