Rumors, innuendoes, whining, rants

Remember James Cafe on Market in Camp Hill?

It’s the place that used to have good food and good service, then closed for “remodeling,” then disconnected the phone and then was supposed to reopen any day.

Guess what might maybe possibly be on the edge of the verge of going in there …

Well, according to occasionally reliable sources familiar with the Market Street scene, it’s going to be


a new effort by Chef Michael Black, who opened the Cajun/Creole place Bayou on Second Street to good reviews about a year ago. Rumor has it the chef – who didn’t want Bayou to lean toward fine dining – is going totally French for the Camp Hill crowd.

The little borough with the big country club is definitely going global with the globetrotting French-Irish-American Lou Thieblemont in the mayor’s office. Could be nice.

Now, some whining.

During the usual Friday night philosophy seminar at RAE’s Tobacco in Strawberry Square, a guy tells me that the instant Mexican hot spot El Sol on South Third Street, which opened just weeks ago to good crowds, has made a strange decision.

Apparently, the Garcias are now charging for the traditionally free taco chips and salsa you get while you’re waiting for your meal.

Like the Camp Hill thing, it’s a rumor. Haven’t been back since the opening. If you have, tell us the deal.

One more.

Ron Kamionka’s ice cream hovel in the facade of … I think the old Donaldson building … on Second Street, beside Tom Sawyer’s diner, was a good idea for a tiny space.

But he doesn’t have any flavors. You know, flavors: chocolate, strawberry, peach, like that. There are eight buckets in the cooler, all of them with names like Moose Tracks, Arizona Sunset, Fusion Froo-Froo. We stopped the other day and got something that was like vanilla with pumpkin pie spices.

Ron, are you responsible for this crime against ice cream? Two bucks for a little tiny cone and there’s no flavors? WTF?

Or is it the Hershey’s Ice Cream cabal?


3 thoughts on “Rumors, innuendoes, whining, rants

  1. Two things-

    1. Bayou has simply the best brunch in town.

    2. If the ice cream stand is representative of any of Kamionka’s other endeavors, I’m sure the flavors that he selected were the cheapest ones available from the distributor.

  2. So James is NOT being taken over by Bayou and is NOT going to be a French cuisine restaurant? I thought I read this in today’s paper. It’s just a rumor?

  3. 1) This is very interesting and nice to hear we have a new restaurant in Camp Hill… but,

    2) I can’t stand French cuisine. I wonder if Black will accept credit cards this time around or if he’s living in the dark ages?

    3) It is disappointing that a mexican restaurant charges for chips. I do think they should expand the variety of salsas, moles, and dips in the appetizer menu that can complement the chips. Then again, there are always a lot of thinks I think restaurants can do differently. Let’s see if they get it right.

    4) I’m so sick of Kamionka’s cheap, half assed, lowest common denominator endeavors. Never any class, style, or commitment to anything. I wish the Feds would demolish that Tom Eyesore and build the courthouse there instead.

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