Organic stuff

The Dilettante at Dilettante’s Dilemma posted on  a weekend trip to Spiral Path Farm … and offered up a bonus hit:  JuJo Acres Farm in  western Perry County, which delivers organic, free-range beef from Limousin cattle raised …
on the 72-acre spread.

“Limousin has a 20,000-year history of producing lean, low-fat beef. The breed’s heritage can be traced back to ancient cave drawings near the Limoges region of France, the breed’s land of origin. This heritage breed was imported to America in 1968. Our cattle are grass fed only from our hills and meadows.”

Their beef is available in individual cuts, vacuum packed and frozen … and by the quarter or half.


One thought on “Organic stuff

  1. Hey, thanks for the link. We love love love both Spiral Path and Jujo Acres. So great to be able to get fresh produce and meat delivered to our home (well, to a place a mile away from our home at least).

    BTW, JuJo also does egg delivery, from another farm, and often has chicken and “veal” (which is actually just free-range young beef) as well.

    Now that we have a chest freezer, I’ve been thinking about buying a 1/4 cow, or maybe going in with some other people on a 1/2.

    If only I could find someone who delivers free-range pork…

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