Philly: Want extra surly with that?

It’s been cheese-steak this and cheese-steak that ever since The Really Honorable Ed Rendell came to Harrisburg … and all the cheese steak places here come with a lot of attitude.

Apparently the NYT sent Frank Bruni to Philadelphia to analyse the Surly/Steak connection.

“Does such an establishment actually cultivate a mild surliness as a way of instilling in customers a sense that they’re lucky to be there? Or as a way of saying: what we serve is so rare and distinctive we don’t need to bother with courtesy? Or is the surliness a consequence of the adulation bestowed upon it?

“Either way, we’re talking about a gruffness and aloofness that recall the soup Nazi from “Seinfeld,” a kind of figure I feel I’m seeing more and more often. Though sometimes it’s the pizza Nazi. Or, at other times, the cheese steak Nazi …”

(Read More … registration probably required, but it’s free. And worth it.)


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