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Bangkok Wok

Over off of Carlisle Pike, behind the Bob Evans and Friendly’s (down the street from PetsMart and Home Depot, Lowe’s). Great place for authentic Thai food. Pad Thai and drunken noodles were unbelievable. Best in the area by far. We have gone to every other Thai restaurant in the area and the service and food were the best at Bangkok Wok. Will visit again.

Caution: If you ask for spicy, expect spicy enough to make you tear up.


Amy’s in Carlisle has Bangkok Wok beat… they have an authentic Thai buffet. This isn’t like a Chinese food buffet, this is the real deal; Pad Thai, multiple curries, rice, noodles, soups, and other Thai foods. They also have a full menu but the buffet was only offered once a month and it got so crowded then, that they started offering it all the time.

I highly recommend it.



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