Food fight!

New York restaurateur Jeffrey Chodorow — best known off-island for Rocco’s, the restaurant that tanked on reality television — has spent about $40,000 to take out an ad in the Times criticizing restaurant critic Frank Bruni.

Chodorow’s complaint was Bruni’s no-star review of his new restaurant, Kobe Club.

“Although Kobe Club does right by the fabled flesh for which it’s named, it presents too many insipid or insulting dishes at prices that draw blood from anyone without a trust fund or an expense account,” Bruni wrote. Chodorow not only attacked the review, he also attacked the reviewer and claimed the piece was “a personal attack.”

This week’s Talk of the Town spins off the food fight for a quick review of reviews, and former NYT food critic Mimi Sheraton critiques it here.

(You might have to register for the the Times link, but it’s worth it.)

((The restaurant critic at The Patriot-News doesn’t do the numbers anymore … just the review.))


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