2nd Street Kabob

“Hankering for a falafel? Then head for the Middle Eastern fix at 2nd Street Kabob. Don’t expect anything fancy but definitely expect something that is freshly made and flavorful. The deep-fried croquettes made with ground chick peas and spices come with the sesame-based tahini sauce, a shredded cabbage salad and chopped tomatoes.

“The falafels are crisp on the outside and moist in the inside and are served under a soft pita bread instead of being tucked into it.  I never realized that when cabbage is treated to a good squirt of lemon juice and olive oil, it can taste that good. A small order, which is ample for lunch, has three falafels and a large, five.

“A plus here is that the owner does not cringe when you request for additional tahini.”

That’s from a woman who knows her falafel, P-N arts editor Arthi Subramaniam.


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